There are many people who are willing to change/Spoof Mac Address of their device but they are unable to change Mac Address as they think, the device should be rooted. They don’t want to root their device as it voids their warranty. But now, you don’t have to worry anymore. In this tutorial, I will let you know How to Change/Spoof Mac Address on Android without Rooting. But before starting, let’s be clear about some of the important things.

How to Change/Spoof Mac Address on Android without Rooting

What are the purpose and Advantages of Spoofing Mac Address?

It differs from person to person why he wants to change the Mac Address. Some people change to access public Wi-Fi and stay anonymous so that no one can track them back using the Mac Address, some people wants to make their activity private over the wireless networks, some people wants to bypass Mac filtering (if someone has blocked their device from the router so that they won’t be able to access Internet).

[quote bcolor=”#6d9622″ arrow=”yes”] Things to Remember

  • Note down your Real Mac Address [It is better to copy somewhere else or write it in a paper]
  • Mac is a hexadecimal string that means it only consist : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f
  • Mac Address is usually not case-sensitive. [/quote]

How to find your Mac Address on Android Phone:

Before entering into the main method. Let’s learn how to check Mac Address on your device.

Check Mac Address

  • Go to Setting >> Scroll down all the way down and click on About Phone
  • Now click on Status option >> scroll down and there you can see Mac Address of your Android Phone.

[quote bcolor=”#f30101″ arrow=”yes”]Important Note: This Method will work only on (MTK) Media Tek based Phones.[/quote]

How to Change/Spoof Mac Address on Android without Rooting

If you own MTK Device then it is very easy to change Mac address on your Android device. This method is easy and simple method to Change Mac Address. Just follow the steps as mentioned below:

Using MTK Engineering Mode App :

Using MTK Engineering Mode App

  • First you need to have MTK Engineering Mode App installed in your device – Download MTK Engineering Mode App
  • Open the app >> Click on MTK Settings (To launch Engineering Mode)
  • Now swipe (from right to left) and go to Connectivity option
  • Once you are in connectivity section, click on WiFi  (Also make sure your Wi-Fi is off)
  • Go to NVRAM option
  • In Byte string Access option, enter the Value as shown below:
    • Addr(h,byte): 4
    • Length(byte): 6
  • Click on Read option, You will see you current mac address on value(h) section.
  • Change the Mac address as you like and click on Write option several times
  • You have successfully changed your Mac Address.
  • Now Turn On your Wi-Fi and check your Mac Address.

This is easy and simple way to can Change/Spoof Mac Address on Android without Rooting.

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