Apps have been helping you out with lots of stuff these days. You use organizer apps to plan your days, word processor apps to edit, print or share your documents, health apps to keep tabs on your health and fitness goals and loads of games to keep you busy while you are waiting for someone who is late for an hour. Mental stress is another area where many of us need help. Working all day can put a lot of stress in the mind and if you have a desk job eye strains make the matter worse. Luckily, right when you are feeling stressed or eye strained you can take out your smartphone, plug in your earphones and then open one of the relaxation apps mentioned in this post. Here is your list of best relaxation apps:


Best relaxation app twilightBest relaxation app twilight

This is currently a top trending free app in the Google Play Store. Depending upon your timezone  this app will adjust your screen’s color and change it into warm red during evening and night. Compared to the normal blue light emitted by tablet and phone screens, Twilight adjusted screen is said to significantly lower eye strain in low lighting condition. This app is said to not only relieve eye strain but also relax your brain for better sleep. I have tried this app for a few days now and I wouldn’t say it works hundred percent but it definitely relaxed my eyes before bed.

Download Twilight for Android

Brainwave Tuner

Best relaxation apps brainwave tunerBest relaxation apps brainwave tuner

This app generates binaural beats sounds which is said to help tune your brain frequency to enter relaxing meditative states, induce better sleep and also increase focus and learning. There are three categories of sounds in the app- Sleep and Healing, Meditation and relaxation and Focus and learning.

Download Brainwave Tuner for Android

Relax Melodies: Sleep and Yoga

Best relaxation apps relax melodies

Relax Melodies plays a wide variety of sound to help you sleep. You can select from soothing sounds of streams, rain, flute to thunderstorms, cat purrs and more.  Choose whatever helps you sleep. The app also allows mixing of different sounds.  You can then setup a timer for the sound as you drift to sleep. In the free version you will get 46 sounds and you can go pro to unlock a total of 94 sounds which includes 6 binaural beats.

Download Relax Melodies for Android

Sleep as Android

Best relaxation apps sleep as androidBest relaxation apps sleep as android

Sleep as android is not just another alarm. It has advanced features like sleep tracking and monitoring. Before you go to bed select the go to sleep option and place your smartphone near you. Then sleep as droid will monitor your movement to record your sleeping pattern and then the app will graphically show you how much deep sleep you are getting. Based on that, it will calculate your sleep deficit i.e. how much ideal sleep hours you‘ve missed.  Then you can compensate your sleep deficit with more sleep hours. The app also has different alarm modes.

Download Sleep as Android

Rain Sounds

rain-sounds-appBest relaxation apps rain sounds

Nothing helps me sleep better than the sound of rain. If you are also a “rain person” like me then this app wont disappoint. Whether its summer or winter, you will always have the sounds of rain as your lullaby. Rain Sounds plays sounds of rain on forest, car window, umbrella, tent and more.

Download Rain Sounds for Android

Daily Yoga


This is a free to download app which will train you in all possible yoga moves. It has different training modes such as 12-day beginner tour, body building yogalates, abs toning project and more. You can also select particular yoga sessions such as yoga breathing, seated poses, yoga for weightloss, yoga for abs and many more. video clips in the app will show you how to correctly do your exercise while soothing mediation music plays in the background. Most of the sessions are free. However for pro exercises and sessions you willl have to pay monthly or yearly charges.

Download Daily Yoga for Android



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