Well, with the release of HTC One and Galaxy S4,  the battle is really heating up between HTC and Samsung in the sales arena. However, last week the smartphone giants were spotted going at each other on their “official” UK Twitter accounts. (image:right)

The tweet war started after @htc_uk chirped to @SamsungMobileUk  that they had won the “hottest mobile phone award 2013” at the Mobile Awards UK.  Then a series of childish replies followed. At the end, LG UK brought the situation under control with a tweet response- an image of Michael Winner saying, “Calm down dears! its only a phone!”. 

Well it was really funny to see the big babies babbling at each-other. Looks like their interns are managing social media accounts very professionally. Anyway, here is  LG ‘s funny  response to @htc_uk @SamsungMobileUk Michael Winnner-HTC-Samsung



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