Slingshot: an app developed by Facebook, is at present in the stage of growing popularity. The app’s features may somewhat match with that of the widely popular Snapchat, but it is lot more than that. Though in the initial stage it was released only for US, it has been a quite a time that it has been made available for the users worldwide- but  only for the iPhone and Android devices users, not for other software platforms.


Its main feature, however depends on the photos and short videos you want to share, which is called as ‘sling’ in the app. Well, this feature is like that of the Snapchat, and when we come to the point- we have to sling something back to see others’ contents, and this is the primary distinct feature of the Slingshot. To be precise, unless we don’t share something to others, we cannot see the content they have sent us, and vice-versa. Another main feature of this app is that when you take a shot, there is an option ‘draw’ which lets you draw anything you like freehand in the shot that you’ve taken. You can also leave a message to the shot you see. There is not much to worry about how much to share though, even a single photo share by us will unlock all the contents that our contacts have sent us. Hence, to those who do not have much friends to sent the shots and unlock those sent, the app is quite boring, or somewhat unusable. And to those who have tons of friends to share fun with, this app will be proved as quite useful and entertaining.

Slingshot can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and it is an absolutely free app. Facebook need not worry much about its user base, since this app is targeted to the billions of the Facebook users. In the mean time when the sling to unlock is quite fun for some, it may be annoying to those who don’t like sharing and only like to view. Facebook will have to promote this app in a unique way to make this gain popularity. Just like Facebook site, the Slingshot will require a large user base, to make its each user get addicted to it, since it is the only way the users can share and view a lot shots.



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