The first option is to save your text messages, SMS or MMS in the phone’s internal storage or SDcard. There are many apps that let you backup SMS to the SD Card but a better option might be to back it up on Gmail.  Well, Android apps  allow you to easily save SMS to Gmail inbox. Follow these few steps to save, move or backup SMS to Gmail:

First of all, install SMS backup+ free from Google Play Store

1)      Enable IMAP settings in your GMAIL

android tip backup sms to gmail

  • Log into your Gmail account on your browser
  • On the upper right corner of your Gmail page, Click the wheel button and click “Settings”
  • Now select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab
  • Now “Enable IMAP” in IMAP Access

2)      Run SMS Backup+ on your androidandroid backup sms to gmail.

  • On the main app window, check “Connect”
  • Now login to your Gmail account from the pop up
  • Grant Gmail access to SMS Backup+
  • Now you will be prompted to “Backup or skip all messages on this device”
  • Select “Backup”
  • Now wait as your SMS or MMS  is transferred to your Gmail

3)      Now open Gmail in your browser and the backed up SMS text messages will appear in your inbox.

4)      Backup settings in SMS Backup +:

  • From the main app window of SMS Backup + click on “Backup settings”
  • You can choose whether or not to backup SMS, MMS or Call logs. I have only checked “Backup SMS”  to save data charges.
  • From the main window, you can also select “Autoback” and schedule the backup as you wish. You can also choose to run the backup only when connected to the WiFi, This will save you lots of data charges.


Hope you have successfully backed up your private SMS and MMS to your Gmail account. Happy app hunting.


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