The updated Gmail app which started popping out unofficially on many tech blogs few days back is finally available for download at Google Play. Let’s admit it, though the previous version of the app was working well, it had a plain look which was kinda getting boring. Also, the older Gmail app lacked intuitive interface present in many apps today such as Twitter and Linkedin. We were expecting all of the latest and greatest features from the next update.

In the recent past, Google has brought us some of the best updates for its apps such as Google play store, Google translate, calendar, drive, maps, hangouts and so on and we could guess that the Gmail update would also bring awesome improvements. After the latest update, the new Gmail app comes pretty close to our expectation.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in the updated Gmail app:

  • Smoother and better looking interface: The new app has more colors and now your contact’s cover image is displayed alongside their mail in the inbox.  The email conversations also have newer and better look.
  • Easier control: Now you can simply swipe down at the top of the screen to refresh mails, touch the cover image of mails to make selections (easier to make multiple selection) and also swipe from left edge of screen to bring the menu. The accessibility improvement is significant. Also, after making a selection you don’t have to go way down bring the options such as labels, archive, delete and star.
  • Your emails will now be categorized (social, promotion, updates) for easy viewing.
  • You can also now easily switch between multiple accounts.

Link to Gmail at Google Play


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