Battery Doctor is one of the best battery saver apps for android and it’s free at Google Play Store. If you have a lot of apps installed in your android, your system will start to bog down and that will eat up power quicker. Battery Doctor has cool features that will close down power hungry apps and functions and save you tons of battery life.  Furthermore the app has a really nice user interface and gives tips on how to improve battery life.

List of battery doctor awesome features:

  • One tap power saving: Simply tap the giant green button and then it will show you a power rating (out of hundred) and if the ratings are poor, the app fixes the issue by closing down a list of power hungry apps and features such as wifi, Bluetooth  are shown which are currently.
  • Power saving modes and schedule: Battery doctor has different power saving modes such as flying mode, super saving, silence mode and also allows customizing your own mode. You can also schedule different modes for different times.
  • The home-screen widget will let you instantly select different power saver modes and also turn on/off wifi, bluetooth, data, screen timeout, vibration, sync and more. Battery app also has a task killer widget which will kill all background tasks and also show you how much time (power) was saved

Get battery doctor: Google play store

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