No parent would want their children not to be smart and intelligent. However, raising an intelligent child has reached new heights that the traditional school education simply cannot be trusted with the responsibility of nurturing the minds of your child. To help you and your child with this serious matter, a group of teachers with over 2 decades of experience has come up with an app that is, in simple words, a mobile school. Super School has over 50 educational games, nursery rhymes and, songs that were created especially to shape your child’s mind. With Super School, you can use Android for education.

Use Android for Education

Super School is brilliantly designed for young children. The wide range of flashy colors will be captivating for the child. All the features are neatly arranged and easily accessible. If the kid (or the parent/teacher) wants to access anything, all he/she has to do it tap. The app can be downloaded and run on any Android device running Android version 4.1 and above.Android for Education

Like I’ve previously mentioned, Super School focuses on teaching through interaction and games. The combination of games, rhymes, and songs makes it easy for the kid’s young mind to grasp what is happening and makes it easier to understand. There are over 50 games inside this application but we’ll be talking about those which I think really stands out: Spell It Right, Odd-Even Ninja, Bubble Phonics Pop, and Wizard Math.

Spell It Right: This game is designed for pre-schoolers and primary school children to help them learn spellings of over 1000 common words in English.

Odd-Even Ninja: This is what the name suggests: a game to help kids learn to differentiate odd and even numbers. Only if I had this when I was just a child.

Bubble Phonics Pop: This game help toddler to differentiate between sounds.

Wizard Math: In my opinion, this is the most important game inside Super School. Wizard Math helps your kids to learn basics of math like addition and subtraction in a fun-filled way. This may shape your child’s mind in understanding complex concepts of mathematics as they grow up.

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