When everything else is turning smart; why not start studying smart? Here are some of the android apps for college students which can help you study smart.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator
Developer: Quartic Software
Price: FreeRealCalc.Scientific.Calculator
First thing first – a calculator. Getting used to this calculator app may take some time but after you learn how to use it, you’ll want to have it at all times. It does everything from algebra to geometry and everything in between. Use this app and you don’t ever have to worry about scratching you head while converting units, solving trigonometry. It comes with three display modes, namely scientific, engineering, and decimal and has a capacity of 10 memories. This app is totally free with absolutely no ads!

Developer: IntSig Information Co
Price: Free / In-app purchasecamscanner
Lecture notes, homework or project documents – CamScanner will scan everything and use its algorithms to clean it up. This app is like an ultra-portable document scammer. This app will convert the scanned documents into a PDF file making it easy to view anywhere. You can even email the PDFs but this requires you to pay a nominal fee. Feature like cloud support will also require you to pay. But still this app is pretty useful.

Developer: Epocrates, Inc.
Price: Free
This app is for medical students and professionals which can be used as a medical reference. You can find any information and ay drug easily using the in-app search button. Epocrates keeps you up-to-date with latest medical news and findings. Not just for reference, this app can also be used for checking harmful drug side-effects. Though the latest update is a little buggy and updating the database may take time, this app is still the best for medical students and professionals alike.

Developer: Evernote Corporation
Price: Free / In-app purchaseevernote
I don’t have to talk about this app or its significance as pretty much every person alive using any platform knows what this app is and what it does. But for the sake of reviewing I’m gonna talk about it anyway. With this app, you can take notes, create a whole notebook, and store information about anything. For a student, this app is of utmost importance. Students can create a to-do list, write down lecture notes and sync it online to access it anywhere. Stylus users can write on it as it recognizes handwriting. This app supports multi-platform including iOS and windows so you can access your note on any device.

Google Drive
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Freedrive
Evernote falls sort in creating spreadsheets, documents, presentations, etc. But Drive fills those gaps. You can create presentations, documents and spreadsheets on-the-go or upload a ready-made from your computer for viewing and editing on your device later. You can even collaborate with your fellow classmates to work on a project together. This app also supports multi-platform which means you can create and edit documents from any OS that has this app installed. 15GB of free cloud storage will allow you to store documents for life.

Developer: Udemy
Price: Free / In-app purchaseudemy
This app is a “University Replacement App” which means it has a number of classes that you can purchase and learn from. With subjects like computer science, programming, adobe, etc. you can use it as a resources app. This can be used for reinforcing your knowledge on particular subjects. Some free classes are also available and the class you’ve purchased will be available for you forever. While some classes are reasonably priced, some are steeply priced. It has some bugs including the bug that prevents a material to be viewed on mobile, however this can be accessed from the computer.

Wolfram Alpha
Developer:  Wolfram Group
Price: $2.99wolfram: Android Apps For College Students
This is probably the most useful and essential app on this list. If you’re stuck with an equation all you have to do is input the equation on Wolfram Alpha and it’ll give you a bunch of information on it along with its solution. This is a great app that’ll help you with your math homework and can be used as a learning resource. It can handle almost any equation you throw to it. You can also use it for currency conversion and a bunch of other information.

Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Freeyoutube
YouTube is not only good for listening to your favorite artist, see a clip of your favorite movie or watching a cat do silly stuffs. There are a lot of educational videos on how to solve a mathematical problem, listen to a lectures and a lot of other educational things. The best this about this app is everything is free. Moreover, you can use the videos on it as a reference.

Learning has evolved and is not limited just to text book and classes. Take your study to a whole new level with these app and don’t just study, study “smart”.



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