One of the most rumored, and most anticipated phones of the year, iPhone 6 has now got a space in Amazon Japan website. The news is of the 4.7″ iPhone 6 gets listed in Amazon Japan store, which has exactly the same screen size as the rumors were flowing around since a long time.4.7" iphone 6


Not much specifications have been specified, though there are several rumors about the Apple’s upcoming smartphone. There is just the picture of the 4.7″ iPhone which is posted, and the availability detail is also given. It says that the iPhone will be available for the buyers starting from September 30, and it is the  same month in which Apple is most probably going to release the iPhone. There are several leaks about the release of iPhone 6, and we have been posting about this before.

There are also the rumors that the iPhone 6 will have a 5.5″ variant, and that it will have a quad-core processor. There were two variants last year too- the iPhone 5s and the 5c one, but they had the same screen size. The price of the 4.7″ is however, quoted quite a high, which happens to be $1380. This price tag is for the 64 GB variant which is listed in the site, but it is still far more high, since the release price will certainly not be that much high. Since there is not much time left (there is hardly two months left) for the release of the iPhone 6 by Apple, we will see soon enough what the iPhone 6 will have, and it is a good aspect for the iPhone lovers that the 4.7″ iPhone 6 gets listed in Amazon Japan store. This is because you can pre-order if you don’t care that much about the price, and you will be one of the first users to enjoy the iPhone 6. We will certainly update as soon as we get any further news on this, and you just need to stay updated to us


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