Are you the one who often misplace or lose your Android device (or are simply afraid of having so)? All of us may want to find the device which we lose or misplace, and now Google has made it easier for us. Google has recently rolled out a new update to the Android Device Manager app, which is not a major update, but still it has a new feature that can be important to many people out there. The Android device manager update now being the version 1.3.8, it now allows the to add call me option along with the phone number.

android device manager update

The new feature in the Android may not be that important for those whose phone have been stolen, but it will be proved to be useful for those who have their Android devices stolen and a good samaritan finds it, since the information which is given in the lockscreen will make the person who finds it easier to contact the real owner. You will also be allowed to add a recovery message, along with the phone number, which can be anything to like. As before, there is also the option for the device to be force locked with a password.

With the new update in the android device manager, it will be now easier if you misplace or lose your Android device. Try keeping a polite message in the lockscreen, which means you can request the finder to call you back and offer them a reward. And after you’ve been called back, try talking politely so that the finder would be motivated to return you the device. There is no guarantee that you will be called after you add your phone number and message to your lock screen and it has been stolen, but at least you can give it a try and there is some chance for it working afterall.


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