How to disable in-app browser in Facebook in Android?

After only some days Facebook Inc. made its messenger app inevitable for users to chat, it has been doing a new experiment on its Facebook application. The new experiment is unique- and its only noticed by some users- not by all. The experiment is to make the Facebook app a browser too. That means, the… Read More »

Hide Root Access from Apps that Detect Root on Android

Root privilege is really very useful, for several purposes in android, especially if you are a geek and you love to play with your Android device and customize it the way you like. You can feel the perks of root in android only if you root your device, though there are some downsides too. And… Read More »

HTC One M8 for Windows Phone launched

HTC has launched its Windows Phone counterpart of its this year’s most appreciated flagship- the HTC One M8 for Windows Phone. The phone has been released in two versions- one is GSM version, which is launched worldwide and another one is the CDMA version, which is released only for Verizon as of now. While discussing… Read More »