Google Pixel is an android smartphone by Google. Previously, we discussed the topic “How to get Google Pixel Icons?“. Today we will discuss “How to update Software on Google Pixel Phone?“.

Updating the Google Pixel smartphone is easy as you follow the instructions given below. Another advantage of buying Google Pixel is its regular software update that it provides to its customers. Google releases software updates every month for the Pixel smartphone.

Besides, it’s regular software updates Google also provides full platform updates to the Google Pixel Smartphone. But the thing is the updates don’t happen automatically. You need to accept the updates for your pixel device.

In this article, we will discuss “How to update Software on Google Pixel Phone?”. Without further delay let’s get dive into our topic.

How to Update Software On Google Pixel Phone?

To Update Software On Google Pixel Phone follow the instruction given below.

  • Go to your navigation drawer panel from your home screen and Open Settings Panel or Menu.
  • Once you are into the Settings Panel, scroll down your phone where you will find the System option. Click on it.
  • Once you tap on the System menu you will go to the next page where you find a couple of menus or let’s say functionalities.
  • Now select or tap on the last option from the menu i.e. Advanced.
  • Now go to Advanced and tap on System Update.

Steps to update software on google pixelSteps to update software on google pixel

  • In the bottom-right corner, you will find a button, Check for update. Now tap on the button and wait until it checks for available updates.
  • As it finishes checking it will notify you as the system is up to date or with an update pending. If there is a pending update then proceed to download updates over wi-fi. If you are on mobile data then, pause the update and resume it back when your device is in connection with the strong internet connection or wi-fi.
  • Once the download process finishes it will install in the background of your smartphone. Now you will get a notification and asked to reboot your phone to install the available updates.
  • Now reboot your device to install the downloads.
  • Once the device turns on you are done.

Checking for system update screen showing the software update status


So this is how you can update your Google Pixel Smartphone. If your device turned on and is regularly connected to Wi-Fi then your phone will automatically download and install updates and prompt you to reboot to apply them.

Besides these updates techniques, there are also some of the manual update installation techniques for Pixel owners such as Sideloading a new Android builder, Unlocking the bootloader, etc but for this, you need a strong technical knowledge. A little knowledge can damage your smartphone. So I recommend users to use the above method and wait until Google releases the next update.

But you have strong technical knowledge on Sideloading, Unlocking the bootloader and other technical stuff you can try it out.


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