The following are the list of some of the most funtastic games that can relieve your boredom and does not wear down your old android phone. I have successfully tested all of the following top android games in my good old Samsung galaxy S: Rest assure that these games have low requirements compared to the latest Android games.and your low spec (1Ghz) android phone will do fine,


This is the ultimate game which will show you how awesome mobile gaming has become. The graphics and gameplay will definitely remind you of Gears of War. Despite the awesome 3D graphics, this game ran well on an old Samsung Galaxy S. You can check out the post on how to run Shadowgun with Chainfire 3D in a Samsung galaxy s. If you have the latest smartphone, a Tegra 3 optimized version of the game is also available at the google play store.  You can also checkout Shadowgun:Deadzone which  is currently a very popular online multiplayer.

Asphalt 6

A car racing game with good graphics and soundtrack. Select from the list of numerous cars and play the racing tracks. The latest in the Asphalt series is Asphalt 7 which has even better graphics but you will need at least a dual core supported device to properly run this game.

Samurai II: Vengeance

This is a really beautifully designed game. In the game you play a samurai (DUH), who has to hack and slash enemies such as other samurais, archers and giants with two swords (that are really hard to kill or maybe I just suck). You will soon realize the power of Katana as you slash your enemies into equal halves and also cut off their heads.  Yup, the game is very graphic. Also, you can collect points to unlock new kill combos.

Rayman Jungle run

This game is a ray of sunshine. The colorful and graphically rich environment and fast paced controls accompanied by great music will help you pass your time with a smile on your face.

Reckless gateway

The graphics are excellent and gameplay is very smooth. The objective as the name suggests is to recklessly get to your destination by destroying vehicles (specially police cars- higher points YAY!), making high jumps and collecting gold points. The game has two play modes- Getaway and Wreckless. In the first mode you play 84 stages where you ride a yellow sports car to make your getaway.. In reckless mode, you ride an awesome green truck across 80 stages – smash anything smaller that gets in your way and get higher points.

Blind Ninja Sing

This is a quick action packed game where you play a so-called blind ninja who runs, jumps and slashes thousands of opponents along the way. The longer you run and the more consecutive kills you make- higher the points. Very addictive.


This is the modern polished version of our beloved space invaders. The sounds and graphics are awesome and so is the blues riff that plays at the start screen. Hyperwave will get you hooked as you try to get past each stage.

Doodle Jump

The only game in this post that you will play in portrait mode. The objective here is to jump as high up as possible picking up power ups along the way avoiding black holes and shooting giant bugs and aliens.

Expendable rearmed

As a Duke Nukem look alike, Wreak havoc on aliens and monsters with massive guns. The graphics are very good and includes a lot of explosive artifacts. If you are into arcade action, you mind find Expendable a good time waster.


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