Sichuan_earthquakeIn the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake that struck Lushan county near Ya’an in the Sichuan province of China, tech companies like Samsung, Apple and Taiwan have expressed their solidarity, condolences and pledged to provide donations that total $32 million US dollar. The 6.6 magnitude earthquake has claimed over 200 lives, injured thousands and left over a hundred thousand people homeless.

Korean manufacturer, Samsung has donated 60 million RMB or $9.7 USD and revealed the details of this donation on Samsung’s Sina Weibo account. Apple Inc has pledged to donate over 50 million RMB or $8 million USD for the relief and have expressed their condolences in China’s Apple Inc homepage.  Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn has also donated 50 million RMB for the earthquake relief.

Following these donations, It has been reported that total donations from tech companies climbed over 200 million RMB in a single day.  China is a huge market for tech companies worldwide and it looks like competition is also on in the area of corporate social responsibility in China. Tech firms are realizing that in order to win market share its important to create a great image to win the hearts of the people.

Currently android devices have the highest market share in China.


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