supergnes android nintendo emulatoAndroid is really cool. You can run Android apps on your computer and now you can even play Nintendo console games on your Android.  Remember those days when you used to play Nintendo for hours?  Now, with the Super Nintendo Emulator app, SuperGNES, you can relieve those special gaming memories on your android device. Just load up your Nintendo ROMs or games on your Android and play games such as Street Fighter II, Mortal Combat, Contra, Sonic, Final Fight, Double Dragon, Aladdin, Mario and many more.

Most games who have experimented with emulators such as Playstation emulator or Sega emulators know that emulators are far from perfect. There is always incompatibility in terms of controllers or display resolutions. However, SuperGNES emulator for android comes very close to perfection. I have run more than hundred ROMs on the emulator app and its controls have worked perfectly for more than ninety percent of those games.  All of the famous titles ran well via the touch controls.

SuperGNES also allows you to change your screen view to portrait and landscape mode.  Loading the games is very simple. Simply copy all the gaming files to a folder in your SD card and then use the scan ROMS option to load up the games in a list format. You can even download cover images of the game titles.

While most emulators look crappy or medieval, SuperGNES has a really nice looking interface.  The controls in portrait mode will turn your android into a Gameboy. The game files of Super Nintendo can be copied from your game cartridges via a cartridge copier.  Though there are hundreds of Nintendo game files on the internet,  It is said to be illegal to download or use someone else’s game files.

You can download SuperGNES from Google Play Store It is available in both free and paid version.

Super N64, SuperRetro16

If you want to play Nintendo 64 games, which are even better looking that Super Nintendo games, you can check out the SuperN64 or SuperRetro16 app on Google Play Store. You will find other similar emulators in the app market but this is probably the best one for Nintendo 64 with lesser bugs and better controls.


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