According to Sony Mobile Hong Kong, the HSPA+ version of Sony Xperia Ultra is all set to hit Hong Kong stores at the end of July.  The Ultra will be sold for HKD 6,198 or $799 or £525. The initial batch of Sony Xperia Ultra will come bundled with a protective case worth HKD 298. This is a promotional offer that will last for a limited period.

xperia-z-ultra-specs-release date-prices

The LTE version of Ultra will be available in HK and also Europe in September. The LTE version is priced at HKD 6,398 or $824 or £542.  In September we also expect the release of some major handsets like Sony’s another flagship Honami i1, Samsung Galaxy Note III and LG G2.  Moto X is also expected to b announced on August 1 but due its mid range specs we think it will have a different target market than the high end Xperia Ultra.

Check out Xperia Ultra’s specs here


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