While most app updates improve or fix bugs on the previous versions, others simply make the apps even slower or change the interface entirely to our dislike. After you have updated your app you cannot go back to the older versions unless you have a backup. This post will show you how you can backup your apps and then revert apps to previous version if you don’t like the latest update.


  • Your android device must be rooted (will take a little researching).
  • Titanium Backup

Step 1: Install Titanium Backup

Step 2: Open Titanium Backup and click on the “Backup/restore” tab and choose the individual apps you want to backup.  Alternately, to backup all of your apps you can click the upper right “Batch  Action” icon and then select “ backup  all user apps +system data”.

titanium-backup-restore  titanium-backup-restore-1

Step 3: Now if you update some apps and want to revert to older versions. First uninstall the app you want to downgrade and then simply restore the older app from “Backup/Restore” in Titanium Backup.

Lastly, Turn off auto updates in Google Play Store.

  • Open Google Play app
  • Press Menu button and open “Settings”
  • Click on “Auto-update apps” option and select “do not auto update apps”.
  • Again in the Settings turn on “Notifications” so that you will know when updates are available for your apps.


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