You’ve most probably already read our post about how to transfer files between PC and Android devices, and also how to transfer files between Android devices and MAC.

Here in this topic, we are going to discuss something similar, but something different: How to transfer files between your Android smartphone, iPhone and Computer (PC or Mac, all at once? This is a query by all the concerned users of modern smartphones regarding file transfer between iPhone and Android. Just like this, chances are that you might be undergoing a similar situation as well. From smartphones to computers, we like to keep our data handy in several places. Though, they all operate on different platforms that make the transfer process too cumbersome. To bridge this gap and make the entire process effortless for the concerned users, we have prepared this article to help. Using the techniques published here, you can also transfer files between your Android and iPhone smartphones using a PC or Android to PC and also PC to iPhone. We are going to explain you in detail about three different techniques for that, respectively depending on the ease of use of each method.

Here goes the methods:

Wired Method

This is the traditional and convenient way of file transferring, if you want to do it the old school way. Even though it may not be as fast as the wireless method, this is easy way if you are not much of a tech geek, or do not have space to install some random apps in your devices.

lightning cable

For this, you obviously have to use wire cables to connect your smartphones to your PC. You will need a microUSB cable or a USB-C cable for your smartphone. For your Android phone, it can be either USB-A to USB-C/microUSB if your laptop has a USB-A port, or USB-C to USB-C/microUSB cables for modern laptops without the Type-A USB (for example- the recent models of MacBooks). Similarly, you will need USB-A to lightning cable, or USB-C to lightning cable for your iPhone. If you have the required materials, follow the following steps:

  • Connect your smartphones using the cables.
  • Unlock both of your phones (You can’t read the data without unlocking)
  • Open folder explorers in your PC for reading, then there you go, you can now transfer files very easily.

Wireless Method

Use Transmore File Transfer App: 
This is an easy and very convenient way of file sharing within your Android, PC and iPhone. If you have ever wondered how to transfer files within your devices wireless, then this is the most easy and convenient method for you. You will not need any wires for this, because the apps will just use your WiFi to transfer. For this, you need to install the Transmore App for iOS in your iPhone, Transmore file transfer app for Android for your Android smartphone, and the web based desktop App. Transmore provides an all-in-one file transfer solution to move your data from one source to another, irrespective of its platform.

transmore app

It supports  smartphone to smartphone data transfer across iOS and Android devices. Not just that, users can also access its web-based tool on Windows and Mac systems too. In this way, they can transfer data from computer to computer, smartphone to computer, and vice-versa. The application supports kinds of data like photos, videos, audios, documents, and contacts. It also supports a cross-platform transfer of data between iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac seamlessly. This means, you can use its iOS or Android app to transfer data between smartphones running on different platforms. By using its web-based application, you can transfer files between computers or smartphones too.
Use the following mentioned steps to transfer files wireless between your devices:

Between your smartphones (Android/iPhone):

  • Install the Transmore app on both the devices and launch it whenever you
    wish to transfer data.
  • Press ‘send’ on the sending device, and note the six digit number.
  • On the receiving device, press launch the app and press ‘receive’, and enter the six digit code. The file transfer will then automatically start.

Between your Computer (PC/Mac) and smartphones 

  • Launch the transmore site in your PC, and your smartphone.
  • Press ‘send’ on the sending device, and read the QR code from the receiving device.
  • You can then start transferring the files easily.


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