After Samsung Galaxy and iphone devices now Sony’s flagship device Xperia Z’s screen has been bypassed. The bypass process follows similar path as the Samsung Galaxy 3 screen hack i.e via the emergency dial. However entering the system in Xperia required to enter a code consisting of numbers and #* symbols in the emergency dialer and then pressing the home button. After entering the code will give user access to the homescreen. The company has assured concerned users that it will come out with a fix as soon as possible. Until then maybe Xperia Z users best not share their devices to others.

This is not the only problem to hit Sony in the recent days. Only few weeks back Xperia Z handsets started to randomly die out. The bug causing this problem was identified and a fix was included by Sony in its software update few days back. Let’s hope Sony also solves this screen bypass problem soon before annoying a large group of customers.



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