Most of the Android devices, whether smartphones or tablets, have limited storage options. Many of the flagships and other devices do not have an expandable storage such as microSD card slot, or even if they have, it is also limited within certain memory. android device supports usb otgUSB On-The-Go can be a good option always to cope up with the limited storage options in the Android devices, which lets you access the files which are stored in your pendrive. It just works like the microSD card slot (a little bit different though), but not all the Android smartphones and tablets have this awesome feature. If you want to know how to check if an Android device supports USB OTG, here we are sharing a method for you.


The easiest and most convenient way to check if an Android devise supports USB OTG is through an app. There is an app available to download for free in the Google Play Store, which is the USB OTG Checker. This app also works as an host for your device for the USB expandables, but since here we are sharing the idea for just checking, let’s go for it. To check if your phone supports USB OTG is quite easier. To check if your Android device supports USB OTG using this app, follow the following simple steps:

  1. Download and install the USB OTG Checker in your Android device. It is an absolute free app with no in-app or out-app purchases, so you need not to worry.
  2. When you have it installed in your device, open the app.
  3. Once you open, you will see the option of ‘check device OS on USB OTG’. Tap there, and you will be headed to the check. Tap in Check, and the app will show you if your Android device supports USB OTG.

This is hence, a quite easier way to check if an Android device supports USB OTG, and it is obviously the good thing for you if it shows positive results. Happy file browsing via USB OTG!



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