PaxPlay has developed a new game- Jumpy Tile, which may not sound so great in innovation, but surely is addictive. Available for iOS and Android users, this is quite a difficult game to play, but once you get used to it, your mind will continuously provoke to play it. The theme of the game is somewhat similar to the widely popular Flappy Bird (you will notice it when you start to play the game), but has different gameplay and other basic items.

Jumpy Tiles

Pros Cons
Small file size Quite hard to play
Nice Gameplay Not so nice sounds
Easy and Smooth Interface  Bothering ads

After you have it installed in your smartphone, you many  not get any idea on how to play it for a while (I’m saying this from my own experience). However, the process to play the game is so easy. There will be a white background, where you will see the lines and small blocks which are of different colors. You will have a black dot (tile actually), which will jump whenever you tap on the screen, thus the game has the name as Jumpy Tile. When you tap on the left part of your smartphone’s screen, the tile will jump towards left, and when you tap on the right, the tile will jump towards right. All you have to do throughout your game play is to make the tile jump upwards, without striking on anything. You cannot even touch anything, if the tile strikes on the lines or blocks, the game ends. When the game ends, you will have the option to replay, or to share your score via different media.

The sounds of the game are so simple. There are just three different beep sounds- one while jumping, one while you cross a line and one while you strike on anything. There are no background music or anything except the beep sounds. The sounds, even though they are not much good, are OK seeing the simple formation of the game. There is an option to turn of the sounds in the first menu (where you can see the icon of sound, you should click on it to turn the sound on or off). There are no any forms of settings either.

You will not see any types of challenges too, the only challenge you can get through the game is to beat your own high score, or that of your friends’ which they might have shared. Another bad aspect of this game is the frequently appearing ads. We can understand the need of ads for the developers, but the frequency of full-sized ads appearing in this game is quite high, and makes annoyed most times (it’s better to turn off the data or Wi-Fi while you are playing this game). Whatever be the game’s negative points, it is a fact that this game is damn addictive (as was the flappy bird), and you will play it more than you expect before installing this game. You will need a lot of patience for this game though, and we can also say that playing this game also helps to develop your patience as well.

The  highest score I could achieve in this game is 17. Did you beat my high score? Or are having a way hard time to beat it? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Download Jumpy Tile for: Android, iOS


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