Updating the Google Play Store manually using the APK available on the Web is not always a wise choice. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will end up factory resetting your device to get the Play Store back. Google updates the Play Store from time to time to fix the bugs, change the interface, etc. so it is important that you update the Play Store. Here’s a safe way of updating the Play Store in case it doesn’t update automatically.

How to update the Google Play Store without downloading an APKplay store update

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store app from your app drawer.

Step 2: Slide out the side menu or tap on the three line on the top left corner.

Step 3: Tap on Settings.

Step 4: Scroll down and tap on Build version when you find it.

Step 5: You’ll be prompted that a new version is available and will be downloaded. If you already have the newest version of the Play Store you’ll get a message saying the Play Store is up to date.



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