The lock screen is your phone first line of defense against intruders. It is always a good idea to assign a screen lock. But what if the screen lock that you set up to prevent unwanted access is the one keeping you from using your phone. What if you forgot the pattern, pin or password? You don’t have to worry about being locked out anymore. Here’s How to Unlock Android If You Forgot the Password or Pattern.

How to Unlock Android If You Forgot the Password or PatternLockscreen

When you incorrectly enter your pin, pattern or password five times, you will get a message stating that you must wait 30 seconds before you can try again. Don’t worry about it as we don’t need to wait. Tap on ‘Next’ and you will see a text underneath that says ‘Forgot Password’ or similar. Tap on it and you will be prompted to a screen where you have to choose among two methods to unlock your phone. If you still remember the answer to the security question then tap on it and enter the answer. If you don’t remember it then select the Google account option. Just inter you Google username and password associated with the device you are using and ‘Sign in’. Wait till your account is verified and then you can assign new password. Pin or pattern.

That’s all. As you can see it is not difficult to unlock your device even if you forget the password, pin or pattern. But try not to forget you Google account details because if you forget you will need to factory reset your device and create a new Google account. This will erase all your phone data.



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