Those who have updated their android devices with the new Lollipop are still discovering new features every day. It sure is a gorgeous operating system which lets you do what you need to with your device. Once such new feature is the “heads-up” notification. It is a great addition to your device which lets you easily interact with the notifications but it sometimes can be a bit irritating with its unnecessary interruptions. So if you feel heads-up notifications is not what you need in your android device then here’s how you can disable it.

How to disable Android Lollipop Heads-up Notifications

Heads-up notification is unlike the traditional android notification. Instead of showing the notifications on the notification bar, it makes the notifications float on top of your screen. This has its own perks but it can be really disturbing for some users. Here’s How to disable Android Lollipop Heads-up Notifications.HeadsOff

HeadsOff is the app you are looking for if you feel heads-up notification is not your cup of tea. It is a small app that allows you to disable those intruding notifications. It is a free app that is easy to use – just install the app, start it and forget its existence. There is also a paid version which offers a few customizations such as tapping to hide the notifications, manually choosing the apps you want to disable heads-up notifications, change the background color, etc. just open up the app, tap on “Start the app” and check the box next to “HeadsOff” when the notifications appears. There is a test feature that allows you to see the result before you enable the app.


  1. What a greedy pos. You can download it but you can’t use it unless you go pro version. What is the point. Most idiotic thing I’ve come across in awhile.


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