For all those who got their devices soft-bricked while updating to Lollipop, you all are in luck. You tried to update to lollipop and soft-bricked your device and forgot to make a backup before doing so? Well here is a way to un-softbrick your device. This is also a method to downgrade to KitKat safely.

How to Restore Softbricked Device after Updating to Lollipop

Note: This tutorial is for those who has the basic concept of flashing, custom recovery, bootloader, adb, CMD and other relatable stuffs. If you don’t know, Google’s your friend. You must also have adb installed in your PC and know how to use it.

Step 1: Plug your device into your PC in Fastboot mode.

Step 2: Flash a custom kernel. XDA is a great place to find custom kernel for you device. Make sure the kernel is fir your device or you may hardbrick your device.

Step 3: Without unplugging your device from the PC open recovery. Each device has different way to enter into the recovery. The most common way is to press power or volume down bottom when you see the logo screen.

Step 4: On the PC, open CMD and type:

cd directory-with-adb.exe-and-fastboot.exe-etc.

adb devices

Step 5: You’ll see your device’s serial number along with other connected android device listed there. If you don’t, then download and install the driver from here.

Step 6: Now mount your storage from recovery and push a flashable firmware zip to your device by typing:

Adb push /sdcard/

Step 7: Flash the ROM.

Your device should now work. You can now try to flash Lollipop again

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