This is a simple trick which can make your screen arrangement from LTR (left to right) to RTL (right to left) making it easier for a left handed person to operate an Android device. Here’s how you can do it.

How to make Android easier for Left Handers

Step 1: First you need to enable the Developer Options. It is hidden by default but you can make it appear by going to the Settings > About > and tap on Build number seven times. You can now access Developer Options from the Settings.force RTL

Step 2: Now that you have enabled Developer Options, it’s time to enable RTL Layout. Go to Developer options and scroll down until you find Force RTL layout direction. Enable this option and your screen will change its layout to right to left whenever possible.

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Whenever this option is enabled, all the system app and settings will change its layout to RTL. Apps like Play Store will also be affected by this option.


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