To extract APK files in Android (the system files for the android applications) may not always be important for us if we have a stable and fast connection, but think about the time when we are offline, or the app is removed from the app stores. Though not much in need, it is good at many times to have an APK file saved as a backup of any app, so that we can install it or send it to friends whenever we like. For example, flappy bird was one of the most favorite games in Android, but as it was removed from the Google Play Store, we cannot have it installed in our Android device anymore. But think how good it would have been if we have its APK system file saved!

how to extract APK files in android

The APK files are also important if any Android device doesn’t support Google Play by default, i.e. they are necessary to install the apps manually in the device. To be precise, you can extract the APK files from the device which have your desired application installed, and then send it to sideload and install in the device which needs it So, here we’re sharing an easy and convenient way on how to extract APK files in Android device. Follow the following simple steps to have the APK files saved in your Android device:

  1. Download and install APK Extractor in your device. It is free, and is compatible in almost all of the Android devices. Another plus point is it does not even require root or anything to work.
  2. After you have it installed, launch it. There you will see a list of apps which are in your device, which include the apps you’ve installed later, along with the system apps. Long press any app you want to extract (you can select multiple or all apps at once), and click on the extract option you see in the top. You will also have the option to share via Bluetooth or messaging.
  3. You’re done, you will see the extracted apps as AppName_AppPackage_AppVersionName_AppVersionCode.apk, which will be saved in the path /sdcard/ExtractedApks/ by default.



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