Well, photography in our Android smartphones have become a routine of us. And in addition to that, many of us are so obsessed with the selfies. We like to share our selfies with our friends, and love to see their too. If you’re the one who is into that too, then there is a new platform for you in Android- Shots. Shots is an photo sharing app in the Android, where you can do everything related to your selfies.

shots for sharing selfies

To enjoy Shots in your Android smartphone and play with its features as well your selfies, download and install it in your device from the Google Play Store. Launch it when you have it installed in your device. When you enter the homepage for the first time, you’ll have nothing to see. At first you will have to create an account through an easy process. You will have to add some people in your list, for which you will have some suggestions, or via instagram, twitter (you should connect these with your shots app), or even from your phone’s contacts list.

After you have done all this, there you can go! In the bottom you will see the home, inbox, camera, contact and explore options respectively. In home, you will see the selfies shared by the people you’ve added. For every images you see, you will have the option to like, reply shot, tweet and share to instagram options. and can chat with the people who’ve added you in the inbox. The app has a in-built camera feature, which you can use for taking selfies and share the picture to your friends. You can add the suggested people or your different contacts of your different social network accounts from the contact option. The explore option is for you to view the news, activities (notifications) and discover other things.

In overall, Shots is a good android app to view others’ selfies and  have your selfies shared too. The reply shot feature is probably the best part of this app. So, if you’re looking a unique photo sharing app where you can freely share your selfies, Shots is there for you. Download it and you will love it forever.


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