There’s one major reason we bought an android – its customization ability. You can literally change everything about your device including changing fonts on android – from your lock screen to the theme of most apps. Though this customization feature is limited in stock firmware, you can flash one of the many custom ROMs available on the internet. The options are infinite but let’s limit it down to changing the font on your android. The default font on your device may look okay, but there are a countless number of fonts available that can make your android look like you – Beautiful! Here, we’re going to use two methods for How To Change Font On Android Device – one requiring root and other not needing root.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to change the fonts on Android device.

Without Root Methods:

Through “Change Font” Feature:

Most of the stock android firmware doesn’t have the ability to change fonts. But some devices from manufacturers like Samsung, MI, OOPO and LG come with the How To Change Font On Android Devicefeature to change fonts on the go. Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy Series, Samsung Galaxy Note Series and even Galaxy Camera will let you change fonts. If you use any of the devices on Galaxy series with font changing functionality, you have a few pre-installed fonts but you can get more on the Play Store. The same feature is included in some LG devices too but instead of the Play Store, you have to go to the LG Smart World to fetch more fonts. Both LG and Samsung has a similar way of changing font i.e.

  • Going to Settings > Display > Font/Font Style.
  • To change the font, just tap the name of your favourite font.
  • You’ll be shown a preview of the font if you don’t know what you want to choose.
  • This will not require rebooting and will change the font on the status bar, system menus and text on SMS.

Through 3rd Party App Launchers:

Another non-root way to change the font in through a custom launcher. Some app launchers require you to change the theme in order to change the font. The most popular 3rd party launcher on the Play Store that

features font changing functionality is GO Launcher EX. But the downside of changing font through this method is that you cannot change the font on the status bar and the system menus. To change the font using Go Launcher EX:

  1. Copy the font file (.ttf) to sdcard/GoLauncherEX/fonts
  2. Select Go Launcher EX as your default app launcher by pressing your home button.
  3. Once you’ve selected Go Launcher, your screen will change to its default theme.
  4. On the home screen, tap the Menu button and go to Preferences.
  5. Click on Visual Settings
  6. Again click on Scan Fonts to scan you SDcard for font files (.ttf)
  7. Select the font.

Change Font On Android Device with go launcherIf you want more fonts, install Go Launcher Fonts.

Root Methods:

Before we start please note that you are using this instruction at your own risk. Neither the site nor the author guarantee that these instructions will work, and we shall not be responsible for whatever happens to your device on using these instructions.

Using Font Installer App:

Font Installer is a great app for changing font on your whole device if your device is rooted. With its built-in preview feature, you can see how the font font_installerwill look like when scrolling up and down while selecting a font. This is an ad-supported free app but you can remove the ads by purchasing the pro license.
Here’s how you change the font using Font Installer.

  1. Get it from play store here
  2. Copy the font file (.ttf) to anywhere on you SDcard.
  3. Launch Font Installer.
  4. Backup your current font by clicking on Menu and selecting Backup/Restore. Click on Backup.
  5. Click on Local tab and locate your .ttf file.
  6. Click on the .ttf file that you want to use and click on Install to set is as the default font. Allow superuser access if asked.
  7. Font Installer will ask you to reboot your device. Click Yes.

Using iFont App:

iFont will only work on Samsung devices but if you are rooted you may be able to use it. to use this app, just copy the font file to /sdcard/ifont and ifontfollow the following instructions.

  1. Get it from play store here
  2. Open iFont.
  3. Click on Menu Botton.
  4. Click on Settings > Change Font Mode. If you’re using a rooted non-Samsung device choose System Mode and if you’re using a rooted Samsung device, choose Samsung Mode.
  5. Go to Custom Tab.
  6. Select the font you want to use.
  7. Click on Set button.
  8. Click on OK if you’re asked to whether you want to change the font.
  9. The font will be applied immediately or will be applied after a reboot.

The Geeky Way:

This is the riskiest way of changing the font on your rooted Android. In this method you have to manually change the system fonts. If you think yourself as a brave geek, follow this method. This method require you to tamper with files on /system/fonts directory. You can either use Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or a root file explorer to change the fonts the geeky way.

Root File Explorer Method:solid_explorer

For this method, I’m going to replace Roboto-Regular.ttf (most used font file) with Times_New_Roman.ttf. You’ll need a root-level file manager such as Root Explorer, Solid Explorer, etc. to use this method. Before you start tampering with system files, always make a backup of the file in care anything goes wrong. One easy way to make a backup of any system file is to rename the file with .bak extension. In this way, you don’t have to move the original file to another directory. After you make a backup follow the following instructions:

  1. Open a root level file manager. I am using Solid Explorer for this tutorial.
  2. Press Back button to go to the root.
  3. Scroll and find System folder and click on it.
  4. Go inside the Fonts folder.
  5. Paste Times_New_Roman.ttf file.
  6. Delete the Roboto-Regular.ttf file and rename Times_New_Roman.ttf to Roboto-Regular.ttf.
  7. Reboot.

ADB Method:

In order to use this method, you need to download and install Android Software Development Kit (SDK). Proper USB drivers must have been installed if you’re using Windows. USB Debugging must be enabled on your device. If you have everything mentioned above, follow the instructions to change the font.

Read: How To Enable Developer Options And USB Debugging In Your Android Device.adb to change android font style

  1. Rename Times_New_Roman.ttf to Roboto-Regular.ttf on your PC.
  2. Copy the fake Roboto-Regular.ttf to your SDcard.
  3. Open terminal on your PC.
  4. On the terminal type:
    a. adb shell
    b. su
    c. mount –o remount,rw /system
  5. Backup the original Roboto-Regular.ttf by renaming it.
    a. cd /system/fonts
    b. mv Roboto-Regular.ttf Roboto-Regular.ttf.bak
  6. Copy the fake Roboto-Regular.ttf from /sdcard into fonts directory.
    a. cp /sdcard/Roboto-Regular.ttf /system/fonts
  7. Make the coped file readable.
    a. Chmod 644 Roboto-Regular.ttf
  8. Exit the shell.
    a. Exit
  9. Reboot your device.


  1. i tried changing fonts by es exolorer and all the steps was properly completed but reboot went wrong. my phone has stuck in reboot. i have micromax canvas A63. please help


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