In android you can install numerous apps that perform the same function. For example you can install more than two camera applications, document readers, video/music playe r or photo galleries on your android phone or tablet. After installing those apps you can setup the new apps as default for Camera, Gallery, Documents or Music/Video files. For example, If you have multiple galleries installed, when you open an image you will be prompted to “complete action with” a list of gallery apps and on the bottom you can check “Always open” or “Just once” and select the gallery app. If you again install a new app and want to change default app in Android you can try the following steps:

Change default android app

• Go to Settings >> Application Manager (apps) >> open “All” tab to open list of apps

• Scroll through to find the app you want to set as default

• Now you will see options such as Clear data, Clear Cache and scroll down to find Clear defaults

• Press “Clear defaults”

After doing these steps you have removed the app as default. Now when you open you open some photo file or document you will be prompted to select the default app. Simply select the app you want to run as default for the particular function. Android users generally change the default app settings because they are not satisfied with their stock or default camera, gallery, video player or document reader.



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