Google Android (Design by Gerwin Sturm)Chitika insights recently conducted a study regarding the OS fragmentation or usage percentage among  six versions of Android OS- Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and the latest Jelly Bean. The study showed that Gingerbread had the highest usage of 42%, followed by Ice Cream Sandwich 34.3 %, Jelly Bean 13.6%, Froyo 7.9% and Eclair 1%.   WE can see that Gingerbread though an old OS, still  has a far better share than the latest Jelly Bean. This is because many carriers and hardware vendors take a lot of time to bring new OS updates for their devices and consumers must wait for those releases.  Many users nowadays don’t even wait for the official releases and they root and install customs ROMs from awesome android communities like the Cyanogemod which releases the latest OS versions on their forums for many newer and older devices. However, the trend of installing custom ROMs is still very low otherwise the figure for Jelly Bean would be much higher and most users refrain from installing custom ROMs in fear of voiding the device warranties.


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