Memoji is an iPhone app that allows users to make an emoji that looks like them. You can create your likeness from various categories, such as hairstyle, eyes, head shape, and so on. the final result is going to be your Memoji. It’s not possible to get the exact replica of Memoji for Android, but these are the apps that will get you around. Here are the apps that let you get Memoji on Android.

Get Memoji on Android

Gboard Emoji Minis

Gboardhas a feature called Emoji Minis. You can scan your face with this and get a bunch of stickers in various styles and poses. you’re going to have to use Gboard as your phone’s keyboard.  When Gboard is enabled, open the keyboard, press the sticker button, then press the plus sign. Tap on Create located at the top of Your Minis section the top section of your minis— tap Create. Get Memoji on Android This creates three sets of stickers: Emoji, Sweet, and Bold. You can modify these if the process doesn’t match your photo.

Samsung AR Emoji

This is only available on Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Note 9, Note 10 and with limited functions on Galaxy S8. You can use this feature from the Camera app. all you have to do is open the Camera app, switch to the front-facing camera and tap on AR Emoji icon located at the top. You can then tap on Create My Emoji button and then take a selfie. After that is done, you can customize the gender, outfits, and others. When you’re happy with the final result, tap on Done.

When you’re using the front camera, the AR Emoji will appear at the bottom. You can take photos and videos of your emoji ore memoji replication your movements.


MojiPop will turn your face into a hand-drawn cartoon and then lets you apply to tons of scenes and stickers. There are tons of stickers which are based on common themes like travel, love, and occasions like Halloween. Some of the contents are locked and you will have to pay for it, but there is still much to play around with. Get Memoji on Android You can make up to three memoji stickers and if the stick has multiple people, you can send it to your friends and they can include themselves in the stickers.


You might have heard or even used Bitmoji as it is the same company that owns Snapchat. This app is special as it lets you create an avatar with your whole body. Just scan your face and it will automatically create a 2d replica. You can even opt to build from scratch and also choose your clothes and see your avatar on different scenes. Get Memoji on Android As expected, Bitmoji will directly integrate into Snapchat, but an unexpected feature as that it appears on Gboard’s Stickers tab too. That makes it so much easier to use.

Face Cam

This app, like others on this list, doesn’t use the camera to create the memoji. Instead, you have to build it from scratch. After you’ve created the memoji, this app will act as a camera but instead of your face, you will see the memoji you’ve created. It will mimic your facial movements. Get Memoji on Android You can also choose photos from the gallery and apply the memoji over them. The free version has limited customization options and will put a watermark on the pictures.

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