Couple of days ago, I encountered the Error 18 on Google Play Store while installing the app. It was so frustrating because no matter how many times you download the app, the same message pops-up on the screen when you try to install the app. It says App could not be downloaded due to an error 18. Such errors can occur on popular mobile application such as Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, Snapchat. Further, I get to know that, this error also arises while updating the app. Many of the people have experienced this error and I know how it feels when you can’t install the app you wanted so desperately.Error 18, Fix Error Code 18 in Google Play Store

Finally, I got the fix for this Error 18. In my case Unmounting SD card had solved the issue but it may not be same for you. Here, I will let you know How to Fix Google Play Store Error 18.  Before that try some of the basic method, it may solve you issue.

Basic Steps To Solve Google Play Error Code 18.

1) Free your storage: Error 18 is caused due to insufficient memory in the device while downloading. I would recommend you to delete some unnecessary content or uninstall some of the apps to create some more space if you are out of your memory. Now try to install the app that was giving you the error message. It may fix your error.

2) Re-start your device: Sometime just by re-starting your device can solve the issue. So, why not try this once. To re-start your device:

  • Unlock the devices.
  • Press and hold the “Power” button until a menu appears.
  • Select “Power off“.
  • Wait for the device to power off.
  • Wait 10 seconds, then press and hold the “Power” button to power the device back ON.
  • After that, try to download the app again. It may solve your error problem.

Main Method To Fix Error Code 18 On Google Play Store

play storeMethod 1: Clear Cache and Data

  • Go to Setting >> Go to Application Setting (In some devices application setting is named as apps).
  • Go to, All the apps > >Find the Google Play Store >> Clear Cache and Data
  • Once you have clear everything, Next you need to Force Stop the application.
  • Similarly, Find the Google Play Service >> Clear Data and Cache
  • Also, Find Google Services Framework >> Open Google Services Framework >> Clear cache and data
  • Additionally, clear data of “Download Manager
  • Now, Restart your device and try to download the app.

This is the basic method to solve almost all the Errors in Google Play Store. I hope your Error is solved by this method. If the Error continues to come then head to next method.

unmount sd cardMethod 2: Unmount SD card

  • Go to Setting >> Storage >> Scroll down and select “Unmount SD card
  • Open Google Play Store >> Download the app again that was giving you the error message
  • After successful installation, Go back to Settings >> Storage  >> tap on “mount SD card
  • If above steps didn’t work, also try removing your SD card before installing.

For some users it has also found that the error message is shown when they try to update their app that is installed in their SD card. So, for this problem you can try below method and it will fix the error.

[quote bcolor=”grey”] Note: Use WiFi connection for updating the apps because in many cases it has found that land-line internet connection causes problems. [/quote]

Move to SD cardMethod 3: Move the app to Phone

  • Go to Settings >> Go to  Apps  >> Select, All the apps
  • Scroll down and select the app that was giving you the error during update
  • Select “Move to phone
  • Open Google Play Store  and update the app
  • After successfully updating, you can move the app back to SD card

Uninstall UpdatesMethod 4: Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

  • Go to Setting >> Go to Application Setting (In some devices application setting is named as apps).
  • Go to, All the apps > >Find the Google Play Store >> Uninstall Updates

Once you have uninstalled the Google Play Store updates (Getting back to stock version). Restart your device and try to download the app. If it didn’t work for you then try updating the Google Play store again to the latest version available in your updates. This should finally fix the Error code -18.

Alternative Method To Solve Error Code 18 On Google Play Store

Many of the users have solved Google Play Store Error 18 by this alternative method. They say Google Play Store Error -18 occurs when the smdl2tmp1.asec file becomes corrupted and deleting this file solves the issue also the error will not return again. It is also said that the file will be re-created by Android OS.

Do this on your own risk.

Step1: Remove SD card from the device and insert micro SD card into a card reader on your Laptop (PC) or directly connect your phone to your Laptop (if you don’t have card reader).

Step2: Find smdl2tmp1.asec file inside ( /sdcard/.android_secure/smdl2tmp1.asec) and remove/delete it.

Now restart your device and try to download the app. It should fix the error.

So, these are some of the method to Fix the Google Play Store Error 18. Hopefully, your problem is solved by now. Let us know which method worked for you and if you have any new method then share with us.



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