The Android 13 upgrade is officially available, and the beta program was remarkably small. With this intriguing upgrade, Android 12’s design is extended, certain highly desired features are included, and Android security is improved. Without a doubt, Android 13 won’t be available on all supported devices for some months. The official release of Android 13 is in August 2022. At the time of this article, most of the devices might have already received the update. Those who have previously received this update are equally concerned that Android 13’s mobile data and Internet are not functioning as intended. So, that’s the main reason we’re here right now. Here’s how to Fix Android 13 Internet Not Working.

Introduction to Android 13

Google’s most recent edition of its Material design language, Material You, debuted with Android 12. A significant modification that fundamentally alters how Android’s interface typically functions was made with the Material You upgrade, and it probably still is. The most versatile and unique user interface in any application that supports it may be created by Material You, which takes a dynamically generated array of shades from your wallpaper rather than designers meticulously choosing which color scheme to use for their apps. Android 13 builds on what Android 12 brought and improves some elements, but it doesn’t completely address any of the fundamental issues associated with the new UI.

The biggest difference is that Android 13 gives you access to a lot more extracted colors, offering users up to 16 different colored themes from a single wallpaper. This is a much-needed step in the right direction because it allows you to change the colors of your interface without changing wallpapers. Everything on the home screen’s Wallpaper & Style options is easily accessible. There are a lot of such changes but that is a story for a separate article.

How to Fix Android 13 Internet Not Working?

Now let’s talk about the internet not working issue. Here are various solutions to the Android 13 internet not working problem. If you are experiencing the same problem, be sure to apply the remedies listed below.


Always restart your device if you face any bugs or issues with it. In some cases, restarting the device is sufficient to resolve common issues including app freezes, app loading issues, slow internet connection, and slow devices. Likewise, you can resolve the Android 13 internet not working issue using this way. Just press and hold the Power button and tap on the restart icon.

Toggle WiFi

If your device is having trouble connecting to a WiFi network, you could try switching the WiFi on and off. This way, the WiFi settings will be refreshed. The quick panel allows you to disable WiFi. Additionally, you can disable WiFi by selecting Settings and then Network & Internet. Restart the WiFi once a minute has passed.

Fix Android 13 Internet Not Working

Restart Router

There can be a small problem with the router. The issue might be resolved by restarting your device. By going to the router’s login screen and selecting the reboot/restart option, you can restart the router. You can also unplug the device for a moment and then plug it back in to restart it without disconnecting the power cable.

Disable Battery Optimizations

Background processes are restricted when battery saver mode is enabled to prolong battery life. It can also terminate some background processes to extend battery life. Although this functionality generally works as intended, it occasionally results in app failure. So, disable the battery saver/optimization feature on your device and see whether the issue has been fixed. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver. The path may be slightly different on different devices.

Fix Android 13 Internet Not Working

Toggle Always Active Mobile Data

This function is designed to guarantee that you consistently have access to high-speed internet. When using your device, you could frequently suffer WiFi network drops, which can be problematic if you are working on something critical. The device switches to a cellular network connection if this happens. Despite being helpful, this feature only occasionally works as intended. You should deactivate the Mobile Data always active feature in the meantime and check to see if that works for you.

You will need Developer Options to access this feature. To turn off Mobile Data Always On feature, go to Settings > System > Developer Options > disable the feature.

Reset Network Settings

If there’s a problem with the WiFi settings, reset the network settings. All saved networks and linked Bluetooth devices will be lost since the network settings would be reset. As a result, before moving forward, you need to save the information. Go to Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth > Reset Settings.

Fix Android 13 Internet Not Working

Check for Updates

Smartphone manufacturers regularly release new software upgrades that include new features and enhancements as well as solutions for bugs that were previously known to exist. It’s possible that the issue can be fixed by updating your phone’s firmware. By opening the Settings app, navigating to the Software update page, and downloading the most recent version, you can update the firmware on your device. Once the update has been installed, see if the Android 13 internet not working issue has been fixed.


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