Technology has be improving the lives of people with disabilities since a long time. Disabilities that are harder to overcome are given more attention than those which can be managed with a little effort. Color blindness ( or Color Vision Deficiency) is the in ability to see color or different colors. Color blind people can live normal lives but they can have serious problem of seeing things properly. Moreover, this can be cured with a pair of prescribed glasses. This is where technology comes in. If you have an Android phone running Android 6.0 or higher, you can turn on screen filters that can help you with your particular type of color blindness. Here’s how to enable screen filters for color blindness in Android.

Here goes how to enable screen filters for Color Blindness in Android

Enabling screen filters is fairly easy task. All you have to do is go to Settings app. Then scroll down till you find Accessibility. Once you are inside Accessibility, tap on Color Correction located at the bottom of the screen. There you can find 3 different types of color blindness – Deuteranomaly (red – green), Protanomaly (red – green), and Tritanomaly (blue – yellow). Turn on the Color correction and then tap on Correction mode to select the type of filter you need for your color blindness. Now use your device comfortably.screen-filters-android - enable screen filters for Color Blindness in Android

Applying this filters does not require you to restart your device. If you take any screenshots or photographs, they will be taken in their original colors and other can see them as they are. The videos you play on your device will be color corrected too. These filters work really well. Each of the filters will drastically change your screen color. Give it a try.

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