Thanks to the folk who invented money, after all torrents are so good for our pocket as they save much of our money in our daily lives. Not all of us are able to afford such highly expensive apps, games or movies out there, and to those who can’t torrent have been very useful for their lives. All of us who use torrent certainly know about the process to download torrent files using µTorrent in our computers, but here we are sharing an idea about the process to download torrents in Android smartphone or tablet through the same app.

download torrents in android

The process to download torrents in Android using µTorrent is almost same as that of doing the same in PC. You will be required to download and install the µTorrent app for android (its developed by BitTorrent Inc.)  from the Google Play Store, which is absolutely free. After you’ve installed the µTorrent app in your Android smartphone or tablet, you have to find the torrent file you want to download in the torrent websites. For this, you can use your device’s default browser, or any browser you like to operate. When you click the ‘download torrent’ link in the site, a pop up will appear asking you to save the file directly, or to open with µTorrent. Select the µTorrent, set it as default and you are done! You will also have the option to save the file in your internal or external storage, and you can set it according to your choice.

download torrents in android

You should take caution though, since the process merely is not illegal, but to download torrents in Android, or computer which are copyright protected are illegal. And one more thing is that you should not do it on cellular data, unless you have an unlimited data plan, since the torrent files are usually large. Happy Torrenting!


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