cyanogenmod 10.2 released

Good news for custom ROM users. Cyanogenmod has already released their first line of Cyanogenmod 10.2 nighties for selected devices. The Cyanogenmod 10.2 ROMs or operating systems are based on Android 4.3. Currently the Samsung Galaxy Captivate, AT&T Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy S relay 4G are the only devices getting the 10.2 nightlies. Users of these devices can go to the Cyanogenmod website and download the 10.2 nightly. Cyanogenmod team is already working on bring the Android 4.3 custom ROms for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

For those of  you who don’t know what Cyanogenmod “nightlies” are, they are the beta versions of the CM ROMs. Users can report bugs on those betas and then new nightlies are uploaded addressing those issues. In the next phase, the developers bring the RC (Release Candidate) versions of the ROMs that are said to almost stable. The final version is called the stable releases.


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