Imagine this – instead of shouting from the top of your lungs to tell your children to do the chores, you can just let the speakers do the announcement. That is the basic description of a Google Family Bell. You can use Google Family Bell to create custom announcements and checklists on smart speakers and screens. Here’s how to create announcements using Google Family Bell.

Why use Google Family Bell?

Google added this feature on the assistant to help you keep your house running smoothly with routines. Depending on how you run your household, you can create customized schedules with announcements. You can make Google Assistant send you an announcement on your smartwatch to notify you that your kids’ bedtime is after 10 minutes. This way you can finish up any chores and be there to read a bedtime story to your kids. Or, you could set up Google Family Bell to announce that it is cleanup time on the living room speakers during the weekends.

Create Announcements Using Google Family Bell

How to Create Announcements Using Google Family Bell?

You can access family bell through Google Assistant. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open up Google Assistant. If you have voice control enabled, you can just say “Ok Google, Open Assistant settings”.

Step 2: Scroll down till you find Family Bell. Tap on it.

Create Announcements Using Google Family Bell

Step 3: When the Family Bell settings open up, tap on Add a bell. There are a couple of pre-made bells below. If some look useful to you, you can save up some time by using those.

Step 4: Select “Bell Announcement”. Enter the name of the bell.

Step 5: Set up “Time”, then press on “Set”. You can also choose the days this announcement should be played.

Step 6: Select the device that this announcement should be played on.

Step 7: Tap on “Confirm” and then on “Create New Bell”.

How to Delete a Family Bell?

It is as simple as creating it. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Either navigate to Assistant > Assistant Settings > Family Bell, or say “Ok Google, Open Assistant Settings” and then navigate to Family Bell.

Step 2: Find the bell you want to delete and then tap on the “v” button nets to “Add a bell”.

Step 3: Press the trash can button to delete the bell.

This is it. Google Family Bells is a pretty useful tool to help your family function better. It is a flexible tool too. If you own a smart device that is connected to a network, you can use pretty much any of those devices with Google Family Bell. Give it a try.


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