Sometimes in Evernote, when you create and delete notes they get to “trash “before they get synced. As those deleted files try to sync, you will get the Evernote error “could not sync note” while trying to create new notes. Also, the error might pop up erratically every now and then and get very irritating. To solve this problem you will have to find the files that
you have deleted, which are now in the “trash”, and delete them.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Open Evernote.
  • On the top tab of the screen you will see “Notebook”. Click it.
  • Now at the bottom you will see a “trash” icon.
  • Now sort all the files there by title and delete all the notes with the name “Untitled Note”.

Now your Evernote should work fine. No more crazy hair pulling. Happy “app”ing. 😀


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