rockmelt-app If you’ve used iOS devices then you must have come across Rockmelt news reading app. Rockmelt is a smooth and fast loading news app where you can explore different topics of your interest and also check out the most popular random daily headlines. You can choose from topics such as art, business, cars, celebrities, technology, cute, design, foodie and more. This app is very easy to set up and use. Just create an account, customize your sources and start browsing articles from your favorite news magazines/website or from Rockmelt’s own recommendations on different topics.
rockmeltFurthermore, you can choose your own news sources and add it to the category. This app has similar text. image layout as Flipboard but instead of flipping you will be scrolling the news items. You will also be able to browse more news headlines at the bottom of each article.  You can even use your thoughts about the news reports with expressions like aww, want, wtf, lol and hmm. Overall this is a great app to catch the most popular and viral news from different all kinds of topics.

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