If probably heard of and even tried controlling a PC using android with successful results. There are tons of apps that can let you do that. But have you tried controlling your Android device from your PC? It is actually possible. But why would you want to do that? There may be various reasons, but one important reason is time management. If you’re working on your PC and you get a text or an alert of any kind and your Android is a meter away charging, you do not have to walk up there while leaving what you were working on your PC. You could just check it via the PC you’re on. There may be numerous scenarios, that’s for you to find out. There are software on PC that can help you control your Android; we have selected two that we think are the best. Here’s how to control Android using PC.

Control Android using PC

Mighty Text

This application is available for free on both Android and PC. As the name suggests, Mighty Text was created for sending SMS and MMS from your Android using your PC, but it can do more than just those. You get alerts when the battery is low, receive calls and more. Mighty Text is a browser extension available for all major web browsers.

Control Android using PC

It being a web browser extension means you do not need to download and install PC software; all you need is a web browser (which is in every PC) and you’re good to go. You also need a small app on your Android, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Air Droid

Air Droid is another web extension that doesn’t require big installation files. Instead of just controlling some function of your Android, AirDroid can give you full control of your device. You need a browser extension on your PC and an application on your Android to use AirDroid. You will need to register for an Air Droid account.

Control Android using PC

Using this extension, you can get threaded SMS messages, transfer files between PC and Android without a cable, you can manage apps installed in your Android, receive phone calls, and much more. There’s also the feature to find your Android.

This is it. These two are what we think are the best ways to control your Android via your PC. Since both of these are browser extension, you do not need to worry about downloading and installing a client on your PC.

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