You can easily notice the difference between a dull stock status bar and a materialistic status bar with subtle icons. The background of a materialistic status bar will match the color of the app you are using to make your screen look visually pleasing. Most of the new Android devices will already have materialistic theme but if you use an older model that cannot be updated to Lollipop or above, then you can still have a beautiful materialistic status bar. However, some devices that are running Lollipop may still have cartoonish bulky status bar that does not change color accordingly. Whatever your case, there is an app that can change stock status bar to material design. The app called Status will overlay a color matching status bar on top of your default status bar on almost any Android device, with materialistic icons. This app does not even require root. Follow the steps below to know how to change stock status bar to material design.

Change stock status bar to material design

Step 1: First thing first. You will need to install Status from the Google Play Store to easily replace you old, ugly and cartoonish status bar. You can get it for free.

Step 2: After the installation has finished, open the app and you may need to grant a handful of permissions that let the app overlay the screen, control notifications and display accurate information on indicators. You have to grant each permissions, so it may take some time.status - change stock status bar to material design

Step 3: Once that is taken care of, go to the apps main screen and toggle Status Bar Service switch. Make sure the Status Bar Coloring is enabled. We want this to let the status bar change color according to the app. This app does a great work of accurately matching the color. But, this may not be the case every time. If the color is off, you can manually correct it for the Add Apps button.

This is it. You will now have a beautiful status bar that will compliment your display with Material Design. Enjoy the new look.

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