Automatically open music app when you plug in your headphoneWith the storage capacity of today’s smartphones skyrocketing, you can almost copy your entire music library into your smartphone. Moreover, with a lot of quality headphones, ear plugs or ear pods available on the market, this is a golden age for music enthusiasts. But since you’re running Android on your smartphones, ease of access is not the thing to compromise. If you’re a music enthusiast that you claim to be then Headphones Connect is the app especially for you. With this you don’t even need to open the music player; just insert your headphone and the player will be opened automatically. Here in this article we’ll discuss about how to Automatically open music app when you plug in your headphone.

First thing first, download and install Headphones Connect from here.

After the app is downloaded and installed successfully, it’s time to open it and tweak it. Open the app and you’ll be show a dialogue box warning you about the ongoing notification and how you can disable it. Tap on ‘OK’ or ‘Don’t Show Again’ to dismiss it. After that you’ll see an empty screen with a ‘Connect’ toggle. Don’t worry, we’ll fill this screen later.headphonesconnect_01

Tap the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner to select the apps(s) you want to open automatically when you plug in the headphone. If you have only one app that you want to open then select that particular app only. Doing this will reduce a step as you don’t have to select an app from several when you plug in your headphone.


While on the main screen, if you swipe the left side, you’ll see several buttons. This app has a ‘Blacklist’ feature which can be accessed from the same panel. This feature is particularly useful when you’re using an app to listen to a tune or watch video and you plug in your headphone and you’ll be switched out of the app. Unfortunately the disconnect settings are not available on the free version and you have to purchase it via the in-app purchase  for $1.08 each. Which means you’ll have to spend $2.16 in total.


In the same panel, you’ll find the Settings. Open it and you’ll see 5 categories – Advertisement, Connect, Disconnect, Apps and General. The first category is Advertisement which allows you to enable or disable the ads shown in the app. However, disabling advertisements requires you to purchase ‘Advertisement Free’ package. You can also setup the app to show ads according to your gender and birthday. The next category is ‘Connect’. Inside it you’ll find the options to open the selected app directly without showing you the app selection dialogue, select action when Bluetooth headphone device is connected, set the delay before performing the selected action, and adjust the volume when the headphones are connected. The next category is ‘Disconnect’ which requires you to purchase ‘Disconnect Package’ before you can use it. Inside the ‘Apps’ category, you’ll have the options to include or omit the system apps while searching for apps, select the method of sorting the app and change the color of text and background. The ‘General’ category gives you the ability to start the app on reboot, check for updates, hide the notification, etc.headphonesconnect_04

That’s it, you’re all set to use this app. You just need to setup the app for one time and forget about it; it’ll do its work automatically. If you’re not using this app, it’ll just sit in the background waiting for you to connect your headphone.

Download Headphone Connect


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