If you have multiple apps that perform the same function, Android allows you to set the default app for that operation. For example, if you have MXplayer installed along with the default Android video player, when you open a video attached to your mail you will be prompted to select the default app for that operation. Now you will have to decide whether to “always” open the file using either MXPlayer or Android Video Player or to open it “Just Once” using one of those apps. To set MXPlayer as the default app for opening video file, simply select the app and then click “Always” open. Sometimes you may have set an application as default by accidentally choosing the “Always”open with option. In this case you will simple need to clear the default and then again set another app as default.

Why change the default apps you ask? Well, many third party apps are much faster and feature packed than the default android apps. For example QuickpPic opens pictures faster than the default Gallery app and MXplayer plays all kinds of video formats while the preinstalled android video player supports only a few file formats.

Here are the easy steps for how to change default app in android.

1. Go to System Settings

2. Go to (Manage apps or Application Settings in older os) Apps>> Open “All” tabs

Selecting from the App list

3. From the list of “All” apps, scroll and select the app you want to clear the default and now click “Clear defaults”.

clearing default privilege

4. After clearing default again open a file type for which you want to set the default app. Use file manager to open the file.

selecting default app

5. You will be prompted to select the default app. Select the default app of your choice and click the “Always” open with option.

There you go. Now when you open a file it will open with your default application. 


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