I visited the Google Tips page and then checked some of their cards which gave instructions on how to use Google Now, Google Keep and so on.  In one of the tutorials I read something about disabling Google Now and I decided to try that.  So I opened my Google Now (aka Google Search) and then proceeded to settings where I decided to turn off Google Now features (Wow! Genius!!).

Now, I thought I could easily re-enable or turn on Google Now but it turns out I no longer have the option for it in the Settings of Google Search. So I was pretty bummed when I was left with no cool Google now features such as weather, sports and stock cards.  I could still do the regular search thingy. However, I managed to easily solve this problem by following these steps on how to enable or turn on Google Now after turning off Google Now features in the settings:

  • First go to Settings >> Apps >> Open “All” tab
  • Now from the list of “All” apps >> Scroll Down and open “Google search” >> Select “Uninstall”
  • Open Google Play Store >> Search and install Google Search
  • Open Google Search again and then just accept all the terms etc.. click “Yes, I am in”
  • You’re in!! Now you have all your Google now features back

Hope that solved your “Google Now turned off and cannot turn off Google Now” issue.


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