It has not been much date that Google announced the Android 4.4.4 update version, and Sony has already announced to roll out the update to its high-end Z line of smartphones- Xperia Z, Z1 and Z Ultra.

android 4.4.4 update

Sony has been going pretty nice for its users in terms of providing operating system updates, as it is one of the smartphone makers who always to provide the update to users as fast as possible, after Google announces the update (the first are always Nexus though, and nowadays Motorola probably the second). Sony Xperia Z1 compact is already reported to have got the update, which makes it even faster smartphone to get the update. In case of other big smartphone vendors, at the moment the Google Play Edition smartphones only get the update.

Still a lot of flagships on the smartphone market are waiting for the Android 4.4.3 KitKat, which is full of bugs. Android 4.4.4 update is a minor bug fix version update for previous versions (it doesn’t fix all the bugs though, a lot are still continuing). Though this update version does not bring the major changes to the android system, it will still be a good news to the Sony lovers who want to keep their smartphones up to date in case of the Operating System. Recently it was in this year’s  I/O that Google announced a new major version upgrade of Android- the Android L, which will be available to the users soon.

The OTA update with the build number 14.A.0.108 is already available in India, Russia and Indonesia, and is to be available in other regions of the world soon, as claimed by Sony. To check either your Sony Xperia Z, Z1 or Z Ultra has got the update or not, go to Menu > Settings > About phone > Softwares > System updates, or you will be notified by the system itself when your phone will get the OTA update.


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