You’re watching a live stream of your favourite YouTuber playing a game or of any other event and suddenly your Wi-Fi turns off and on i.e Wi-Fi connection drops, and then it comes back again. Sometimes it also says “Failed to obtain IP address” too. Has this ever happened to you? This can be pretty annoying if it happens many times in a row. What would be the cause behind it? Well, there isn’t a particular solution and the reason behind it can be a little more complicated. So why does your WiFi turns off and on again?

So why does WiFi turns off and on?

The reason behind this is many. One reason might be a performance mode on your device that is trying to save battery by killing Wi-Fi. Some mode can automatically turn it off when you’re not using it, or if it thinks you’re not using it. Play with the power settings to find out which model is actually doing this. Have you changed anything right before you started having this problem? Did you install an app or change any settings? If yes, the app could be causing the problem.WiFi turns off and on

Sometimes it’s the network’s fault. If your family members or friend who are on the same network are experiencing the same problem, then a simple router reboot can help solve this. If you are using a wired connection on your laptop or PC and do not have this problem, the problem is definitely your router. If you put your router near the microwave oven or telephone, they may be interfering with the Wi-Fi signal. Try putting it somewhere else and see if the problem persists. Another reason could be IP conflict. Another device is using the same IP. Try turning off Wi-Fi on other devices.

It could be your Android smartphone.

  • Be sure to check out Wi-Fi settings on Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi > More > Advanced.
  • Also clear cache every now and then.
  • Try rebooting your Android.
  • If you’re on Marshmallow or above, make sure Wi-Fi connection is not being affected by Doze.
  • Go to Settings > System > Battery > More > Optimize Battery Usage and check the list.
  • If you’re on a crowded network, use inSSIDer to connect to the channel with more capacity.


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