The argument between Android and iOS users on which platform is the best will go on for eternity. Sometimes one will win and sometimes the other. They both have their pros and cons but there was one particular feature that iOS had for a long time but Android didn’t. That was AirDrop. AirDrop lets iOS users transfer files between Apple devices with ease. Android didn’t have that and users needed to rely on 3rd party apps. But now that is the thing of the past. Android has introduced Nearby Share that lets the users seamlessly transfer files between Android devices. Here’s how to use Nearby Share on Android.

Use Nearby Share on Android

Like I mentioned previously, Nearby Share is like AirDrop for Android. It lets you transfer media files, documents, and more to any nearby Android device without unnecessary hassle. And a few taps and you’re done. Nearby Share also lets you transfer install apps. All the features of Nearby Share can also be used on a Chromebook. Android’s Nearby Share uses a combination of Bluetooth, WebRTC, and Wi-Fi direct without all the processes used by those technologies to transfer files. The location must be enabled for Nearby Share to work properly.

Nearby Share is available on Android 6 and above.

se Nearby Share on Android

Setup Nearby Share

Follow the following steps to set up Nearby Share.

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Google.

Step 3: Now, Select Devices and Sharing.

Step 4: You will find Nearby Share there. Tap on it and then the toggle on the top. You can modify the device name to make it more recognizable.

Step 5: As per your preference, you can set the Device Visibility to All contacts, Everyone or Hidden. Setting it to All Contacts will make your device visible to those on your contact list. If you choose Everyone then anyone nearby can see your device. And if you set the visibility to Hidden, then no one will be able to see your device.

se Nearby Share on Android

Step 6: Disable Data if you do not want Nearby Share to not use internet or mobile data to share files. Tap on Data and select Without Internet.

Step 7: On the top, tap the notification asking you to verify your phone number to make the sharing easier.

How to Use Nearby Share on Android?

Now that you’ve set up Nearby Share, it is time to use it. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open a file manager and go to the directory which contains the file you want to share. Select the file and tap on the share button. Choose Nearby Share from the share menu.

Step 2: Your device will not start looking for any nearby device with Nearby Share enabled.

se Nearby Share on Android

Step 3: Once the device you want to share the file is found, tap on it to start the transfer.

Step 4: The recipient device will get a notification saying a file is being transferred. Tap on the notification and accept the transfer.

The transfer time will vary depending on the file size, but it will still be faster than Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth. Once set up, Nearby share is extremely convenient to use.


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