As mobile phones become more and more prominent in our every day lives, many of us are on the lookout for the best apps to download and enjoy.

Of course we all use our mobile phones differently and can vary from person to person, but generally we tend to flock to the latest piece of technology or the most popular application on the scene. The likes of Uber, Ebay and Amazon are hugely popular, but so too are gaming options like Pokemon Go, various casino sites where you can play arcade games and other creations such as PUBG Mobile and FIFA 19. The options are endless and thanks to the advancement in modern technology, we’re being exposed to the greatest innovations this space has seen to date.

Must have appsWith so many of us looking for the biggest and best apps to download – alongside a few hidden gems, of course – we thought we’d compile a list of some of the must-have mobile phone apps for 2019. So, here goes.

Google Maps and Waze

Must have apps on Smartphone

Google Maps is a huge player in the navigation apps scene and pretty much owns most of it. Google Maps is certainly one of the best apps ever and is hugely popular for a reason, helping people establish the best route possible on their journey, also giving access to places of interest, traffic data, and directions to petrol stations and the like, amongst a whole host of other functions. If you add to it by adding Waze, then you really have the full package. Waze has tons of its own features and is owned by Google, so is therefore the perfect alternative – or accompaniment – to Google Maps.


SwiftKey KeyboardA free application, SwiftKey is one of the more powerful and customisable third-party keyboards currently available and is proving to be hugely popular in 2019. Various themes can be purchased once downloaded. A number of other features are available too, with the likes of a dedicated number row, SwiftKey Flow which allows for gesture typing, multiple language support, cross-device syncing of your library and a whole host of other superb features. You’ll struggle to find a better keyboard app out there than SwiftKey.

Glitch Lab

Glitch LabWhether you’re using them for your Instagram or Facebook account, we all use photo editing apps these days it seems. Glitch Lab is pulling in the users and with its vast array of digital glitch effects it’s hardly surprising. If you’re someone who likes making your snaps a bit retro or a tad glitchy, then this application might be the one for you. With over 100 effects – with many of them being customisable – there’s plenty to play around with here, with a number of add-ons (which sadly aren’t free) available too.


KineMasterThere are so many apps out there, but in terms of video editing applications, KineMaster really is leading the way. Available on Android and hugely powerful, KineMaster is fairly user friendly and lets you do a whole host of things to spruce up your video. You can add audio and visual filters to

footage, add stickers, text and other overlays, trim and alter videos frame-by-frame, adjust the speed, add transition effects and plenty of other options.

How to easily create videos on Android with KineMaster


TickTickPerhaps not as popular as other to-do list apps, TickTick really should be. It’s excellent. Covering the basics such as recurring tasks, reminders, push notifications and various organisational features, TickTick also allows users to share lists with other people. TickTick is easy to use, full of functions and does exactly what it says on the tin.

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